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The HigherGround Group

If Finding Financial Freedom Is The Finish Line

Your Purpose Should Be The Starting Point

When looking forward, everyone says to focus on your goals. Obtaining enough retirement income, buying a house, affording a child’s college tuition - whatever it is you want your wealth to help you achieve.

But Goals Aren’t What Make You, You.

Your purpose, your why, your drive. That’s what really matters.

Offering Financial Planning For The Purpose-Driven

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About Us

Why Do We Focus On Purpose?

Because Discovering What Drives You Drives Us

Goals Are Important

But goals can change, fluctuate, come and go. You need a sustainable financial plan that’s rooted in who you are today and aligned with where you’ll be tomorrow. We make it happen by focusing not on your future financial obligations, but on the steady, intrinsic purpose inside you that drives all of your decisions.

Our Approach To Your Financial Well-Being May Be a Bit Different

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First, we seek to understand your purpose.

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Then, we create your purpose-driven goals.

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Finally, we craft a financial plan to help you achieve these goals.

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Implement, review, and adjust accordingly.

Here’s What You Should Know About Us




Your best interest is our only concern. We offer the advice, strategies and solutions we believe will provide you and your finances with the greatest outcome. You won’t get advice from us that we’d be wary to take ourselves.








About You

Dedicated To Lifting You Up

As We Work Toward Your Greater Purpose

Does This Sound Like You?

There are things you want to accomplish in life and things you know you must prepare for. And while you may not have a plan now, you crave the peace of mind in knowing you’re doing the right thing. Whether you want to know your special needs child will always be taken care of, or you’re ready to pay off your house, you have the drive but need the direction. That’s where we can help.

We've Worked With Those Including

Dedicated Professionals

Families With Children


Owners, Entrepreneurs


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How We Help

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Comprehensive Planning To Simplify Your Financial Picture

Whether you sit behind a desk or in front of patients, we know you’re busy. You spend 40, 50, 60+ hours a week furthering your career, running your business or providing for your family. Working with a comprehensive financial planner means getting the answers you need without sacrificing time away from what really matters - your family, your career, yourself and your purpose.

Our Financial Planning Services Include

close up on a hand holding a pen drawing bar charts on a notepad 

Cash Flow

close up of a table where you can see two sets of hands holding pens and taking notes in notebooks 

Personal Insurance Review

selective focus shot of the back of a man sitting on a desk watching someone give a presentation 

Retirement Planning


graduates throwing their mortarboards into the air 

Education Planning

close up of hands resting on a laptop keyboard 

Investment Management

image of a father and daughter sitting on a couch and reading a book together 

Life & Estate Planning


close up of female hands holding coins and a note that says "Make a Change" 

Charitable Giving

close up of hands resting on a laptop keyboard 

Tax Planning

close up shot of hands holding a pen and reviewing financial documents 

Business Planning


What Are Your Biggest Financial Concerns?

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Financial Planning With Your Purpose In Mind

Our process takes time, because developing a comprehensive, custom plan shouldn’t be rushed. Instead, we take the time needed to understand your deeper purpose and how your financial goals can work to achieve it.

As We Develop Your Financial Plan Together, Here’s What You Can Expect From Us:

Before we talk shop, we want you to get to know us a bit better. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our services, purpose-driven planning, fees and anything else on your mind. 

This 30-minute conversation can be done virtually, over the phone or in-person over coffee.

 Schedule Your Introductory Meeting

After deciding if we’re right for one another, we can begin working together to define your purpose. 

In doing so, we can then develop goals designed to help you achieve your greater purpose. Your advisor will create a comprehensive financial plan based on these goals.

Based on our previous discussions, your advisor will determine how every piece of your financial puzzle should work together to support your purpose. In doing so, we can work toward meeting your goals. 

Depending on the complexity of your situation, this analysis may encompass aspects of your legacy including an estate plan, wealth transfer and family governance.

Upon completion of our analysis and evaluation, we’ll provide you with a recommended plan of action designed to support your personal purpose. In doing so, it is our hope that we can help you move closer to reaching your goals and ultimately fulfilling your purpose. 

We’ll break down the actionable items on both your end and ours, and we’ll check-in regularly to hold both parties accountable.

In Working Together, You Can Expect

24/7 Access To Your Personal Dashboard



Email & Phone Access To Your Advisor

Ready To Get Started?

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We Believe In Being Honest About What We Charge

You have a right to know how much we make and why. As a fee-only firm, our compensation comes solely from you. In turn, you, your purpose and your financial goals are our top and only concern.

Investment Advisory Services

Assets Under Management

Fee Percentage*

$0 to $250,000


$250,001 to $500,000


$500,001 to $1,000,000


$1,000,001 to $2,000,000


$2,000,000 and up


*Minimum annual fee of $1,500

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We offer our financial planning services at an initial fee of $250 and an ongoing retainer based on your household net worth.

Household Net Worth

Fee Percentage*

First $1,000,000


Next $4,000,000


Next $5,000,000


Above $10,000,000


*Minimum annual fee of $1,500

Fixed-Fee Financial Planning

$1,250 - $3,500

For those wishing to develop a financial plan without our ongoing retainer, we offer our services at a flat rate depending on the nature and complexity of the plan.

Have a Question About Our Fees?

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Here’s What We Think

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Ready To Align Your Financial Picture

With Your Life’s Bigger Purpose?

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Give us a call today or schedule a time to talk more about your biggest financial concerns. We’ll work to understand who you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and how we can get you there together.